24 Jan 2019

Winter wedding flowers

The mid-winter months are fast becoming a favourite time of year to tie the knot.

Venues can be cheaper, not to mention the honeymoon that comes after and your guests are less likely to run into the problem of being double booked on busy summer weekends. Convenience aside, a winter wedding provides a whole host of gorgeous inspiration when it comes to planning décor, the opportunity for frosty morning photo shoots and even the prospect of having a hot chocolate bar at your reception!

When it comes to choosing flowers for your big day though you may be concerned about what is in season and what flowers you will be able to get at this time of year easily. Luckily florists are experts at sourcing all manner of flowers year round so if you have your heart set on a bouquet of dahlias for your January nuptials you will most likely be able to get them, be prepared to pay more than you would in August.

If you want to get the most out of your budget then consider some of these in-season blooms to keep costs low and get the freshest of flowers:

Winter Flowering Irises

These eye-catching flowers combine blues or purples with a dash of yellow. Their unusual shape also adds to their appeal. Combine them with silver foliage for a sparkling effect or pair them with dark greens for more of a forest vibe.

Browse our iris bouquets here.

Calla lilies

These structural beauties come in a multitude of colours and are ideal if you want minimal flowers. A bunch of three with a small amount of greenery make for beautiful bridesmaid bouquets that can be carried in a presentation style. They are also ideal for tall centrepieces thanks to their sturdy stems.

Browse our calla lily bouquets here.


A classic of wedding flowers; hellebore roses bloom beautifully in the colder months and with 20 varieties to choose from you are sure to find ones that match your colour scheme. Their thick green leaves are perfect for helping to fill out bouquets and add a touch of luxury to your design.

Browse our rose bouquets here.


Often referred to as Lily of the Incas, Alstromeria are delicate-looking flowers that are ideal for adding to your hair as well as bouquets. They are a great way to add contrasting colours when paired with other flowers in your posy. They often produce up to five blooms per stem so can be great value for money too.

Browse our Alstromeria bouquets here.


So tulips aren’t technically in season in the mid-winter months, but some special growers have perfected the art of getting tulips to bloom at this time, and we are happy to say we have them back in stock now at Bloom Magic. Tulips all on their own are ideal for a simple yet stylish bouquet, or they provide a gorgeous background for well-chosen statement flowers to nestle on. The wide range of colours that are availing means you can easily match them to your colour scheme for a classic put together look.

Browse our tulips bouquets here.

With so much choice on fabulous flowers, the real difficulty is going to be in narrowing down your choices. If you need some inspiration, browse our collections to get a feel of what you love and what is not right for you. With next day delivery and flowers guaranteed to last you can even take the stress right out of this important part of your big day by having us deliver them to you with plenty of time to spare before wedding bells start ringing.


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