30 May 2018

The Most Popular Spring Flowers

Swapping dark, gloomy days for warm, sunny ones, spring is a time when a wide variety of seasonal blooms become available again. Brighten up your home with daffodils, tulips or peonies. Available only this time of year, make sure to make the most of the season and fill your home with the best spring flowers on offer.

Popular Spring Flowers:

  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  • Peonies
  • Freesia
  • Sweet Peas


yellow daffodils

A popular spring flower, these blooms make their appearance around Easter and will feature in many Easter centrepieces. Also known as narcissus, they are usually vibrantly yellow but can come in many varieties and colours. Not only do daffodils do well in vases, they are also very easy to grow in your own garden. Simply plant the bulbs before the first frost at the end of the year, and come next March, your garden will erupt with gorgeously sunny hues.


Available in a staggering amount of different colours and varieties, tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers in the world. Once worth the price of a house in the Netherlands, these precious flowers are popular for a reason. Not only will they suit any interior, they also last an extraordinary long time in vases. Just make sure they have enough water and you will be able to enjoy your tulips for more than a week. At Bloom Magic, we love them so much we have created an arrangement that is absolutely bursting with tulips. Click here to view our Le Printemps bouquet.


dark pink peony

A spring favourite, these gorgeous blooms are only available from late April to June. With such a short season, it’s no surprise these flowers are very popular both on their own as well as in various arrangements. Available in a range of colours, but most commonly various shades of pink, peonies will last a long while as they are sent out as buds. We love peony season. Make sure you don’t miss out on these flowers and order our Pure Peonies bouquet – with free delivery across the UK, there’s no reason not to.

Sweet Peas

Another sweet-smelling bloom, sweet peas are delicate flowers that are available in a wide range of colours. Not only are they popular spring flowers, sweet peas are also a very popular wedding flower. As sweet peas are available in anything from white to different shades of pink to blues and purples, they will fit any colour scheme. They have long stems with frilly, delicate petals and have a very long vase life. If displaying a bouquet of only sweet peas, choose a bud vase over large vases. Whilst they have long stems, they aren’t very sturdy so the narrow neck of a bud vase will provide adequate support for these gorgeous spring flowers.


pink freesia flower

As some of the most fragrant spring flowers around, you will be surprised at how much a small bouquet of just freesia will uplift your home. Their sweet smell is guaranteed to spread throughout your entire home. Freesia flowers also do well in floral arrangements and at Bloom Magic we do like to use them throughout the season. As they come in a wide range of colours, from pure white to deep red, they are a small versatile spring flower that can also be grown outside and in pots.

If you are looking to send beautiful spring flowers to loved ones, don’t forget to browse our spring flowers collection.


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