23 Oct 2018

Simple Christmas Gifts for Her

Let’s be honest, sometimes picking Christmas gifts for her - either for your mother, or “the one” - can be a real challenge, as there is so much to choose from, but only a handful of items will truly make them happy. This dilemma arises year after year, so we at Bloom Magic decided to give you a hand and simplify the massive lists of Christmas gifts that you might find online. In this post we will only mention a handful of ideas that are time tested and proven to work bring smiles to their faces.  So let’s jump in.

Small Jewelry

Love it or hate it, but a nice piece of jewelry will brighten up her day more than you might think. Picking a nice bracelet, necklace or some cute earrings is not that hard after all. Define your budget before you go shopping which will eliminate price ranges that you should not be looking at. To make the decision making process a little easier, try paying attention to what she wears day to day, what style of jewelry she likes, what kind of metals she is into. Then speak to the sales assistant to find something similar. Make sure you do not get exactly the same style that she already wears “just to be on a safe side”, add a bit of what you think might look good on her.

Personalized Gifts

Again, personalized gifts can sound like a difficult task to go after, as there are thousands of items available for this purpose. Not to overcomplicate things, just have a look at putting the person’s name on an item such as pen, pillow or just a glass of wine. To keep things even simpler you could put a persons’ birth year on a sweatshirt! For more inspiration, make sure to check out Not On The High Street.

What about if you do not have any time left in your hands? There is an easy solution for that: write down on a nice sheet of paper what you love the most about your mother, girlfriend or wife, and just frame it. Such hand written gifts and letters carry a significant value as they require more effort than just a purchasing something.

And here is an idea that you knew all the time but you might have forgot: bracelet, earrings or a necklace with a birthstone in it – you cannot go wrong with that (well, unless you get the month wrong).

Some Beatiful Flowers

Flowers are not only for birthdays or anniversaries. A nice Bloom Magic bouquet and a nice card can be a fantastic Christmas gift for her too - click here to view our full Christmas collection. A colorful bouquet is sometimes what women might need in the middle of winter when there is barely any greenery outside. Winter still offers a wide selection of flowers to choose from so finding a nice bouquet will not be difficult. If you know your significant other’s favorite color or favorite flower, then give us a call and we can steer you the right direction.

Gift Voucher

Most of us have something in mind we have wanted to acquire for a long, but the only thing that stopped us is the price associated with that purchase.  It is quite likely that your mother, girlfriend or wife is in the same situation. Well, meet her half way and contribute towards that big purchase. It could either be a 50%, 30% or even 10% gift voucher of a total price, but it will bring your loved ones one-step closer towards that goal. 

Just don’t over think it

If you are still stuck on deciding what you should get, instead of thinking, “what would she love”, start thinking “what she would not love”. This way you will start eliminating different ideas leaving you only with a couple, which from then on should be easy.


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