25 Mar 2019

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2019

Maybe it’s skipped right by, and you didn’t notice. Maybe you forgot to set a reminder in your phone to keep the calendar free this Sunday.

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten about Mother’s Day. There’s still time to get an amazing gift sorted out. Whether it is with a little help from your friends here at Bloom magic and our Mother’s Day flowers, or something a little different, here are some foolproof last minute ideas to make sure Mother’s Day is plain sailing. And it all starts with Brunch.


Last Minute Idea 1: Mother’s Day Brunch

If there’s a little trendy café you’ve taken your mum to before that you think would be ideal for brunch, make a point of checking that they’re not reservation only this weekend.

As this is a special Sunday, brunch will be booming up and down the country, especially anywhere that is advertising “bottomless brunch” with a few Bellinis in the mix. Find somewhere you know you’ll be able to go for brunch together and avoid the hassle of having to awkwardly stand around waiting for a table to free up.


Last Minute Idea 2: Go for a proper walk

When was the last time you actively took time out of the day to whisk your mum away and get a good chat without someone else at home butting in? Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful when all you need to do is get your walking shoes on, grab some coffees on the way and go for a proper walk in the country or park.

You’d be amazed how much personal time you can fit in when all you have is a clear sky and fresh air. And make sure you keep that phone in your pocket on do not disturb mode the entire time.


Last Minute Idea 3: Make the kitchen a no-go zone

We all know our mums are prone to fret over everyone, especially when you’re visiting on special occasions.

Do you have the kind of mum who has to make sure everyone is sorted with a tea or coffee as soon as they’re in the door, or always has to get up every few minutes to check on the Sunday roast? Today make it a house rule that she is banned from coming into the kitchen or lifting a finger on Mother’s Day.

It doesn’t mean you have to cook a family banquet yourself; you can always cheat and get mum’s favourite takeaway instead. Just as long as the whole house agrees that Mum is not allowed to even think about lifting a finger today, she’ll love it.


Last Minute Idea 4: Take the hassle and stress out of Mother’s Day

Making sure your mum gets her card and gifts in time, even when you’ve left it to the very last minute, is still possible with Bloom Magic here to help. With our next-day delivery on flowers all over the UK (including same day delivery in London in some cases) you’ll be able to make sure your mum get a lovely surprise at the front door when you can’t make it.

If you need help picking flowers for the occasion, take a look at our recent blog post highlighting the best flowers for Mother’s Day 2019, where we run down the types of flowers that are in season this time of year.

And don’t forget, if you need to get a gift set with chocolates and a well-deserved bottle of bubbly thrown in for good measure, click right here to see our Mother’s Day gift sets.


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