23 Nov 2018

Bloom Magic’s Top Christmas Flowers for 2018

Most of us use Christmas holidays to spend time connecting with our families, and doing so in a nicely decorated house is what makes this festive season different from others. There are a number of Christmas ornaments to choose from like garlands, stockings, sacks or wall décor. Be creative when decorating and incorporate new elements into the mix like various flowers and plants. At the end of the day, who would not appreciate some greenery in the middle of winter when there is none outside? Christmas bouquets can be used not only to decorate your living space, but also to wish a Merry Christmas to your friends, coworkers or relatives by arranging a Christmas flower delivery service right to their door. This gesture can be a nice alternative to buying presents for a whole group of people, saving you money and time trying to come up with ideas! Additionally, a nice Christmas bouquet can be a nice centerpiece on a table complimenting all the other decorations!

Let’s look at the selection of Christmas flowers Bloom Magic has to offer.

Mini Christmas Tree

First, let’s have a look at the most important Christmas decoration – Pine Tree. There is no Christmas without a decorated pine, which is why we are bringing to you Bloom Magic’s own Mini Christmas tree! It is cute, it is a REAL pine tree, and most importantly it fits through a letterbox! Now you don’t have to worry if the recipient will be at home to accept the parcel, removing the convenience of them going to their local post office. Additionally, the sender will know that their present will be delivered on time! Bloom Magic’s Mini Christmas Tree is easy to set up, decorate and even can be used for placing gifts next to it. And when Christmas is over, it can be easily recycled.

The Dasher

Dasher most likely is going to be the brightest gift anyone will receive during the festive season. This Bouquet is an attention seeker that will go along with any Christmas decorations due to its neutral colors. A great way to brighten up any room in the house.

The Comet

The Comet bouquet is a real charmer having its own gentle personality. Decorated with Pale pink & lilac roses, copper euco, peach hypericum and pink wax flowers the Comet naturally has a warmer colour scheme that will contrast nicely with any blue Christmas decorations.

The Rudolph

This festive Rudolph bouquet has a stronger personality giving off more radiant colors than the previous two mentioned. Red roses and green fillers is a well popular Christmas combination being a safe choice for any household or office.

The Prancer

If you are after something more elegant and subtle, Prancer should catch your attention. This floral setup is great visual refreshment filled with snowy whites and cute greens. Great choice if you want to surprise your loved one.

Le Pere Noel

If you see this bouquet and don’t speak French, you will think that Le Pere Noel stands for vibrancy. White hatbox with saturated reds and beautiful greens is the probably the classiest choice on this list.

Order Your Christmas Flowers Today

Bloom Magic offers the highest quality flowers put together by our floral designers, so quality and visual satisfaction are guaranteed. With a great selection of bouquets, order one for yourself or send a gift to your friends and family. Click here to view our full Christmas collection.


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