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16 Nov 2017

Beat the Winter Blues This Winter

As the weather is changing and night falls earlier in the day, many people are prone to feeling a little gloomy. Cold weather brings people down with the increase of rain and the decrease of sun hours. We’re swapping sun dresses for sweaters and sunglasses with more sensible winter coats. The days of having a pint in the beer garden are behind us again; instead we huddle around the fire with a hot chocolate. The onset of autumn and winter doesn’t have to bring your down completely. Follow our tips on how you can beat the winter blues and add a little brightness to your winter days.

Take a Brisk Walk

Although it might be the last thing on your mind, taking a walk outside can do wonders for the soul. It might be more tempting to stay inside during your lunch hour, but research has proven that soaking up the few rays of sun there are during the winter months uplifts your mood. Instead of cursing the cold and the lack of sun, try to revel in the autumn and winter colours. As Christmas approaches, many shops put up decorations and lights adding charm to any street.

Liven Up Your Home or Workspace

Live flowers and plants are scientifically proven to have a positive effect on people’s attitude and outlook on life. Simply looking at flowers can trigger positive, happy emotions as they can be a reminder of spring or good memories. So, if you can feel yourself becoming grumpier than usual, treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. With Bloom Magic, you can have flowers delivered straight to your door or office. Our online catalogue is bursting with colourful bouquets and flower arrangements that are sure to bring a smile to your face. With our free flower delivery across the UK, you can also surprise a struggling friend, colleague or family member and have a few blooming beauties delivered straight to their address. Although our bouquets are guaranteed to last a full seven days, you might be after something a little more permanent. For these cases, look no further than our potted orchid plant!

Get Crafty

Put on some happy tunes and focus your attention fully on something else. Getting your hands busy and focusing on something new can clear your head of those gloomy thoughts. Some people prefer trying out a new recipe or baking, other people prefer drawing or painting. If you are keen to try something new, why not try your hand at making your own Christmas decorations? Not only will this take your attention away from the winter blues, it will also result in homemade decorations that will add a little festive cheer to your home. You could make your own Christmas wreath, string a popcorn garland for the birds, or make tree decorations with felt – the possibilities are endless.



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