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01 Mar 2017

5 Types of Bouquets Every Lass and Lad Should Know

When it comes to choosing flower delivery, Ireland has a lot of choices. As you look through the pages of Bloom Magic, you’ll note that our specialty is hand-tied bouquets. What is it about this particular type that makes it so special? Well, you’ll have to know a bit about the others to understand.

1. Composite

Most often used for weddings, a composite bouquet looks like one massive bloom. On these bouquets, the florist starts with a single flower, usually a rose, and starts adding individual petals to the outside. These are generally held together with wire and the petals can’t drink, so their lifespans are fairly limited.

2. Cascade

Like composites, cascading bouquets are typically carried at weddings. Instead of being rounded and full at the top, the placement of the stems makes the bouquets appear as some are falling, creating a waterfall look. Because they are built into a mould and that enables them to keep their shape, cascade bouquets don’t usually last more than a day either.

3. Nosegay

Some people will consider a nosegay, posy, and tussie-mussie bouquet to be the same thing, simply because they’re similar. They’re all also used in everyday life as well as weddings, which means they’re seen a lot more as well. The nosegay is has a round head of flowers, with the stems gathered, wrapped tightly, and cut uniformly. The posy is quite similar, but much smaller and the stems are usually wrapped in velvet. Tussie-mussies come from the Victorian era, and their goal was to send the recipient a message using flowers. Some say the tussie-mussie must come in a cone-shaped holder to be considered as such. Otherwise, it’s simply a nosegay or a round.

4. Round

“Round” refers to the fullness of the top of the bouquet, as it takes on a perfect dome shape. Round bouquets have tightly-grouped stems and are generally made up of a single type of bloom. It’s quite common to see rounds in a single colour as well. These are often used in weddings, though they are also sometimes given as gifts.

5. Hand-Tied

Hand-tying bouquets can be a challenging skill to master, as the florist doesn’t rely on wires, forms or anything else to create a shape. Moreover, he or she has to have an eye for design before the bouquet even starts being put together because the bouquet is pieced together one stem at a time while the florist holds the bouquet using the other hand. By angling the stems as the arrangement is pieced together, the hand-tied bouquet is full on the top and the bottom, which enables it to breathe and hold its shape naturally. The finished result is a gorgeous and full bouquet with a naturally stunning presentation.

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