About Bloom Magic

Welcome to Bloom Magic, a company that is firmly focused on delivering luxury flowers to each and every consumer with the very best customer service.

Bloom Magic is about more than delivering flowers. We specialise in high-quality hand-tied bouquets, thoughtfully created by skilled artisans and masterfully presented with opulent touches. Our elite assembly of florists is handpicked, consisting only of a small group who possesses both extraordinary talent and vision. We pair this with world-class service, from the moment you reach our site until long after lasting memories have been made with the delivery of one of our luxurious bouquets.

Bespoke Bouquets

Our Classic Collection hosts decadent bouquets for any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, or simply to let a loved one know how you feel. The Bloom Magic catalogue is regularly updated, ensuring that our other exclusive collections remain as fresh as our flowers and that our clients are always provided with the very best offerings and a unique selection to dazzle the senses. Our bespoke designs are mindfully created, inspired by cutting-edge trends in fashion and design, as well as by Mother Nature, herself. We’re proud of our roots, and make a conscious effort to source local flowers, thus ensuring the freshness of the blooms whilst supporting our communities right here in the UK. With protecting the earth in mind, we also seek out luxurious, yet eco-friendly packaging for our flowers, such as Hassian wraps and our own proprietary sheaths.

World-Class Service

We believe that ordering flowers online should be easy and on point, allowing anyone to present a loved one with a gorgeous and thoughtful gift by investing mere moments of time. However, we also keep instant concierge-style service just a click away, with live customer attendants on hand during most hours to make sure a luxury service is provided from the moment an order is made to when the flowers are delivered.

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